Being a member of Technology Leaders has had a profound impact on me both personally and professionally. As one of the earliest members, I’ve benefited greatly from the wealth of knowledge and friendship this group has to offer. The innovative, fun, and supportive environment has provided me with opportunities for growth and success, both in my business and my personal life. The diverse and motivated members have made this group a valuable investment of my time, leading to meaningful connections and lifelong friendships. I’m excited to see what future accomplishments we’ll achieve together.

Anthony Mongeluzo


I always learn when I attend a Tech Leaders event.  The Speakers facilitate a lively discussion that draws out the CEO-level perspective from the group.  Over time, you learn from the entrepreneurial journey of members and build friendships.  As the group helps each other on their path to growing their companies, they laugh and have fun doing it.  I enjoy being a part of the group. 

Will Brassington


I have been part of the TLDV since its early days, originally meeting in the back of Ponzios, and since then and now, it has been one of the most educational and supportive business resources that I have ever had.   The meetings and the general comradery from the group have been nothing sort of inspirational, educational, and extremely fun.  It’s an incredible group of business leaders that are not afraid to share their wisdom and tell it how it is, and I’m delighted to be part of it.

Oleg Boyarsky

LAT Corp

The Tech Leaders is a great group that fosters peer learning and camaraderie in a safe and fun manner.  While I have been a member of many business groups over the years, I still find the Tech Leaders meetings the best use of my time compared to the others.

Mel Baiada

BaseCamp Ventures

I wanted to share a recent “Tech Leader” experience that may be of interest to you. The idea was given to me by our own Peter Anninos! I was supporting our Fearless Leader in his charity work with Liguori Academy in the Northeast.  They asked me to speak to their student body about tech careers (and I ran into fellow Tech Leader Member (Lawrence James)!

I prepared a deck to present and as I stood in front of the student body – it was obvious I was “just another OG” (that’s Old Guy for Jules!). Very uninterested students forced to hear another pitch.  So, this is something I did when I taught grad school. I went around the room and asked each individual student what they aspired to be. I then relayed my own experiences or provided a gameplan for them to have a starting point to achieve their dream. I told the students that it was ok to search the internet and validate what I was telling them.  It was awesome and I felt that I really was able to help many of the students. For inner city kids that didn’t know what they wanted to be, I asked what they liked and then suggested a plan for them to do their hobby one day as a professional. It was so successful that even the teachers in the room were participating!

I felt like the Amazing Kreskin from Johnny Carson days.. and then quickly realized I was the OG the students initially thought I was!!! Thanks, Steve, for all your charity work and sharing it with us. It was an insignificant contribution of a donation and my time, and the ROI was immeasurable!  And that Steve is why you are our Grand Exalted Poohbah!

Kaydon Stanzione


I have been a member of the Tech Leaders for almost five years. Unlike many other professional organizations, Tech Leaders is completely free. You pay only with your time, and that investment has paid off immeasurably for me. The quality of the conversations, content and knowledge shared is second to none. The members, all of whom are tech entrepreneurs, are smart and insightful, and always eager to help one another. I always find myself looking forward to our monthly Tech Leaders meetings.

Brian Flynn


I have been a member of The Tech Leaders for over 10 years. I would be selling it short if I didn’t comment on the camaraderie within the group. Besides the fact that all members are about helping each other to deal with daily challenges we face as entrepreneurs, the professionalism and insight we gain from one and other is invaluable. In all my years of running my electronic manufacturing business, I couldn’t have found a more independent think tank which personalized our business endeavors.

Peter Anninos

Syscom Tech

The best peer-to-peer business groups involve the right mix of professionalism and fun, with people who challenge your thinking because they are also continually improving themselves. TLDV gets this right.

Ian Wristbridge

Magnar, LLC

The Tech Leaders of the Delaware Valley is the most Valuable Networking Group that I have been associated with over the course of my 40-year career.  It is a fraternity of caring individuals experienced leaders in their fields, who all have an entrepreneurial approach to building, operating and growing their businesses. All are willing to share their successes and failures in an honest and “no bullshit” way and make themselves available to help and mentor other members as requested. Inclusion in the Group is consistent with the original guidelines and principles established by its Founder, Steve Kantor, and monitored by an Executive Leadership Committee.  Monthly meetings while social in nature, also serve an educational and informative purpose, thus making them worthwhile to attend and contribute.  Again, I feel that this is the most beneficial Networking Group anyone can be a part of.

Tom Behlau


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